Knitting of nets

The netting used for all net variants is knitted on CNC knitting machines. The netting can be made of either polypropylene or polyamide fibers and can have different colors based on the client’s requirements; they can be either rigid or elastic, separate or with side straps, and have different widths of the net stripe and mesh size.

Plastic injection molding

The plastic parts necessary for the assembly of our products are made on our own injection molding machines. We use plastic granulates of many types and colors in automotive quality.

  • Horizontal injection molding machine
    clamping force 1 500 kN, mold size 470 x 470 mm
  • Convertible machine = horizontal / vertical, suitable for inserts
    clamping force 600 kN, mold size 320 x 320 mm

Sewing technology

We use semi-automatic sewing machines for the production of cargo nets, bags, satchels and pouches.

Cutting and ultrasonic welding, pressing

  • Ultrasonic machines are used to cut straps and to weld straps and plastic materials.
  • The pressing of different types of end parts is carried out using hydraulic assembly presses or manual joint presses.
  • The cutting of textile parts (straps, braided cords, rubber cords, flat rubbers) for our products is carried out on pneumatic cutting machines with a hot or cold knife.
  • Textile parts for bags and satchels are cut using punching dies on hydraulic presses. The maximum dimensions of the cutting area are 145 x 70 cm.